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SRB2 championship application forum

Post  walterscott380 on Fri Aug 13, 2010 5:25 pm

Ok so i know some people out in the world plays SRB2 on PC and mac. but have they made a championship? maybe they have.
if you wanna enter the championship, just email me at with your SRB2 username, asking to join, your ping (just in case) and if your accepted, you will get a response that your entered.
once it's full, i will lock this page with a message at the last post. if you win the championship, not only you will get a place at the 2nd admin at the forums, you will be able to challenge me at SRB2.

----------------names of SRB2 people who joined----------------
none yet XD

----------------admins in the game-------------------------------
1. me

this game will be private to everyone except the people who signed up on the application forum.
once it on the day it starts, you will be sent a IP address (thats the only way to get in the game) and you will have to enter that in the ip address thing on the SRB2 multiplayer.
once you enter and once everyone has entered, i will explain the rules to everyone before play.
if anyone breaks these rules or sends the IP address to anyone who has not signed up, they will get banned from my server forever.
the last one standing will challenge me (as i said before).
but beware, once you chose your character you cannot change back to another one.
the gametypes will be displayed when it's on the last week explaning what we are playing.
if you need anything changed, just email me or just send me a message and i'll sort things out.
Good luck. lol!

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